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Welcome to Freedom in Art Studio

Thank you for your curiosity and your commitment to artistic growth.  

Featured in April's Actors Rise Newsletter...

What We Offer...

- *NEW* Self Tape Intensive taught by Lynn     Adrianna and Marcia Tillman. Sundays in July. Click here for more info!

- 1:1 Audition Coaching with Lynn Adrianna Freedman $125/hr.    

- 1:1 Online Acting/Career Coaching With Lynn Adrianna (sold in blocks for greatest value)


Freedom in Art Studio provides a unique and highly personalized method of learning.  Focussing on script analysis, we work on scene study and self tape practice using a blend of Meisner and Adler techniques.  Our goal is to practice going deeper into story, character and relationship dynamics through scene study in order to create very dynamic self tapes.  


As a working actress for 20 + years, owner/operator Lynn Adrianna has continued her own training both as an artist, and an educator.  

Since opening the studio in January of 2022, Lynn has been committed to facilitating a safe and collaborative environment for actors to go deeper into their craft, take greater risks, find freedom in their acting work, and trust themselves and their instruments through a holistic approach.

Lynn Adrianna Freedman headshot

John Markland, Owner/Operator of The Markland Studios


"Lynn is first and foremost one of the most honest people I know. It’s her honesty that so quickly built my trust in her. She shadowed me in my classes for almost two years before stepping into a teaching role...Observing how intuitive she is with other actors and how balanced she is in tending to them but guiding them to figure out things for themselves was key. Lynn is respected and adored by the actors. She has clear boundaries which enable them to feel safe, but she is tender where needed and strong when called upon.


7551 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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